Monday, May 24, 2010


it's been awhile since i've updated everyone on zeus, but i'm here with more good news!

a few weeks ago, a friend of mine brought her 4 lb yorkie (apple) over, who used to use zeus as a spring board to jump onto the bench at the dog park last summer, but they haven't seen (or smelled) one another in almost a year. and zeus amazed me, when apple reached her little face out licking zeus right in the mouth, he didn't snap! he's been amazing, he's getting back to being good with little dogs. but the bigger ones, we're still working on those kinks.

as well, all of zeus' stitches are officially out as of this morning. his eyes have healed wonderfully and with the fur growing back, he looks spectacular. i've had so many people comment on how amazing he looks, especially since it's been just over a month since his surgery. he's such a rock.

and nooowww, here's a video of zeus with his brother owen and cousin brooklyn, getting some sun and getting their wrestle on.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

zeus at cherry beach.

took zeus to cherry beach for the first time, he's not a fan of the water! lower your speakers, my voice is incredibly high pitched in this

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


he doesn't need to see to beg for ice cream!

Friday, April 30, 2010

good news!

hey everyone, got a small update for you guys but an important one none the less!

zeus just had his check up at the clinic and everything seems to be healing nicely. he is still going to have to wear the cone for another few days and the stitches have been left in to dissolve on their own. he's really doing amazing. he's got so much of his strength back, he's playing with the balls- or well hoarding all the balls in the apartment, he even tried jumping on my couch! i'm really excited for all these advancements and hope zeus continues to do as well as he's been doing for the last week.

to anyone who reads this, that i owe an email response to- i WILL get back to you. things have been crazy with zeus, my birthday and other appointments. so i really appreciate your patience. you guys are the best!!!!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

zeus 2.0

so i realize i've been out of touch this weekend, and things are still pretty crazy but i figured i owed everyone an update.

zeus has been doing just amazing. the first few nights were rough, lots of crying so neither of us slept much. but last night i got the best birthday present i could have asked for.. a full night's sleep!

besides the bit of crying, zeus is still figuring out how to get around the house wearing a cone, but he's managed to figure out how to steal toys from his brother. it's really like a magic trick. cone goes over the ball, ball disappears! he also comes running when he hears any noise in the kitchen, hoping for a treat. his personality is shining through all the pain.

we were at the vet on saturday evening and he got his fentanyl patch removed. despite not having anymore pain medication, he seems to be doing well without it. he's learned that crying leads to everyone fawning over him, so he's using it for attention.

this is all over the place so i apologize. more updates will come soon. hopefully a video blog and some more photos so you can see just how well he is doing.

thanks again to everyone, i really appreciate everything you have all done for us.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

he's home!

there's not much to say about him. the pictures say it all. playing with the ball and jumping on the couch.

to everyone who made this possible for him, i will never be able to thank you enough. when i'm more composed, i'll be able to give a better update. i just wanted to let you all know that he's home and doing so good.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

latest zeus update

just talked to the vet and have been told that zeus is awake and doing really well. he's going to be staying for observation for another day and he'll be in my arms tomorrow evening at 5pm! can't wait to see him!

his stitches are dissolvable, but he'll be back at the vet in a few weeks to check up and if they're ready to come out, then he'll have them removed.

plus, zeus had a growth around his eye, and it's now be chopped off and is going to be sent for a biopsy just to make sure it's benign. so keep thinking happy thoughts for a good test result on that.

i'll be calling again later tonight and if there's anything major to update on, i will let you all know! after my immediate family, you are the first to be updated with any news.